Application to Use the Archives of Teachers College: General Information

The archives of Teachers College are being converted to digital form to promote preservation and access. The large volume of material requires a multi-year effort involving considerable staff attention and resources.

Many materials already digitized are available on a self-service basis through PocketKnowledge, the digital repository of Teachers College. Researchers are advised to begin their work with the archives by searching for relevant materials through the PocketKnowledge search feature or by following PocketKnowledge links from items and collections in the library catalog (EDUCAT). Materials not yet in digital form will become available as the project progresses.

Teachers College researchers needing assistance in using the archives of Teachers College may submit a request via the Gottesman Libraries’ Support System.

Researchers not affiliated with Teachers College needing assistance in using the archives must complete the Gottesman Libraries’ Application for Access. Historical research queries are reviewed and handled in the order in which they are received. All requests will be fulfilled electronically.

Materials not yet listed in PocketKnowledge are still being processed. The availability of materials is announced on the library home page, and major collections are featured in the Gottesman Libraries’ Newsletter.

Collection Policies and Services for the Archives:

To gain full understanding of the The Gottesman Libraries’ commitment to institutional records and manuscripts, please read the full statement on Collection Policies and Services for the Archives.

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