Everett Library Café

The Everett Café is located near the entrance to the Gottesman Libraries. The café serves Starbucks coffee and a variety of pastries and juices.

Café News

Each morning, Monday through Friday, the library displays the front page of 10 national or international newspapers.

In choosing the pages, our primary goal is to offer multiple representations of the news of the day. We use newseum.org as our source. This website offers the front pages of over 400 newspapers. While the distribution of papers is broad, the site is dependent on individual newspapers to send them a PDF of their front page. Many areas of the world are virtually unrepresented, including Africa, the Caribbean and most of the Middle East.

Within these limitations, we use our display to cover important world and national events, topics in education and, whenever possible, significant local stories. We also look for newspapers with interesting photography.

Café Music

The Gottesman Libraries is proud to host a series of musical offerings. Throughout the school year, the Everett Café is the stage for 1-hour musical performances by musicians in the Teachers College community. Come grab a coffee and enjoy the music. See the News page for scheduled performances.

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