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Copying a course in Blackboard

Iím teaching a course that has been taught before in Blackboard. How do I copy the course shell? If you were the original instructor of the course: In order to copy the course shell, log in to the previous version of the course. Go to the control panel, and then under Course Options select Course Copy. On the next page, click on Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course. From there, enter the course ID of the new course, and select which elements you would like to copy. If you were not the original instructor, but the original instructor is at TC: If you would like to copy the course of another instructor who is currently at TC, you would need to ask that instructor to add you as an instructor to the original course. To do this, they would log in to the original course, then click on Control Panel. From there, under User Management, they would click on List/Modify Users or Enroll User, depending on if you were enrolled in the original course or not. If you were enrolled as a student or teacher assistant, the original instructor should click on List/Modify Users. They can bring up your account by searching your last name, or by clicking List All. Once they see your name, they should click on Properties. Under Role and Availability, change the role to Instructor. Once you are listed as an instructor of the previous course, you will be able to copy the course following the instructions listed above. If you were not the original instructor, and the original instructor is no longer at TC: In order to copy the course of an instructor who is no longer at TC, you will need the permission of the Provost or your department chair. Please email the permission to Once we have received permission, we can list you manually as an instructor in the original course. You would then follow the instructions listed above to copy the course.

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