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Subject Guides

Many of the departmental libraries at Columbia University have compiled subject guides indicating key resources, both print and electronic, for research within their respective subject fields.  The listing of these guides can be accessed on the Columbia University Libraries website from either the E-Resources page or the Databases page (by selecting Subject Guides from the "by type" pull-down menu); on the latter page, it is possible to focus the results further by selecting from the "by subject" pull-down menu as well.

Handouts that have been compiled to accompany library presentations to courses at Teachers College can be found in our library's online archive PocketKnowledge, where searching by the pocket designation "research and information services" retrieves these documents.

Listing of key databases organized by genre or publication type and by relevance for research in programs within the nine Teachers College departments can also be found by clicking on the by genre/dept link, next to Databases, on the top page of our library's website.

We have also recently posted a series of research guides on the library's blog Learning at the Library, and these offer descriptions of and links to e-resources useful for research in the variety of subjects and disciplines subsumed under the nine TC departments.

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