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Moodle E-Collaboration Space


The Gottesman Libraries offers patrons Moodle E-Collaboration to support asynchronous collaboration. Patrons can use a Moodle E-Collaboration space to:
  • Post an agenda or Powerpoint slides to the web
  • Use discussion tools to meet around-the-clock
  • Use a Wiki to reach consensus with colleagues

The "Get a Moodle E-Collaboration Space" link is available on the Library website.

To get Moodle E-Collaboration space, the Patron 1) gives it a name and, 2) can share access to others by providing additional email addresses (these do not need to be CU addresses).

An email is sent to the Patron and other participants with a link to the space. Patrons must check their email address for this link.

Technical notes

Creating a Moodle account is required. The Library's Moodle installation is separate from others at the College. Anyone can create an account (a UNI is not required).

Moodle E-Collaboration spaces are private by default (requiring the "enrollment key" for access), but the owner may change the setting and make the e-collaboration space available to all members of the library's Moodle platform.


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