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Research Help

Tips for conducting literature reviews, approaching topics, etc.

article APA format
We have several copies of the 

  11-12-2010    Views: 56475   
article Blackboard 9.1 Help and Support
The following are some useful sites to...

  7-18-2013    Views: 2305   
article Can I get help with my research?
Need help with your research? You've come to...

  4-19-2011    Views: 7255   
article Can I view historic Teachers College course catalogs?
The Teachers College academic catalog archives...

  12-1-2010    Views: 99517   
article Conducting Literature Reviews

  12-1-2010    Views: 61655   
article E-Resources
The Gottesman Libraries provide access to a...

  5-11-2009    Views: 37811   
article ERIC Documents
Records retrieved in a search of the ERIC...

  1-16-2008    Views: 41992   
article Finding a Dissertation
If you are looking for dissertations in gene

  11-29-2010    Views: 103787   
article Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
GIS represents an important new development...

  12-1-2010    Views: 63031   
article Having Trouble Accessing an E-Resource?
If you experience trouble accessing an...

  9-28-2011    Views: 2892   
article How Can I Find Certification Examinations?
Certification exams, formerly on reserve...

  3-23-2010    Views: 40673   
article Is This Book, Article Or Other Item Protected By Copyright?

  3-22-2010    Views: 58345   
article Library of Congress Call Number Classification
Our library uses the Library of Congress (LC)...

  5-14-2009    Views: 38372   
article Library of Congress Subject Headings
Our library uses the Library of Congress...

  5-21-2009    Views: 37901   
article Literature Review Format
You can search some of the

  11-12-2010    Views: 66084   
article Make an appointment with a reference librarian
Submit an online request here

  11-12-2010    Views: 43356   
article New York City Curriculum Resources
Extensive information on and resources...

  5-15-2009    Views: 57084   
article New York State Curriculum Resources
Extensive information on and resources...

  5-17-2009    Views: 55273   
article Newspaper and News Resources
Both the Gottesman Libraries and the Columbia...

  5-15-2009    Views: 41378   
article Numeric Data Resources
Numeric, or non-bibliographic, data...

  5-18-2009    Views: 37615   
article Online Dictionaries
Our library provides links to a number of...

  5-18-2009    Views: 54176   
article Online Encyclopedias
Our library provides links to a number of...

  5-19-2009    Views: 53832   
article Online Handbooks of Research
Handbooks, and specifically research...

  5-19-2009    Views: 33514   
article Records & Transcripts
Requests for information concerning student...

  9-28-2011    Views: 1132   
article Referral to Other Libraries
If you need to use books, journals, or other...

  12-20-2007    Views: 68128   
article Searching by subject in EDUCAT
NOTE: To view the images that support this...

  3-4-2012    Views: 2998   
article Searching for Textbooks
To view a version of this post including...

  3-9-2012    Views: 2417   
article Statistics Information and Resources
There is a wealth of statistical material...

  5-22-2009    Views: 50741   
article Subject Guides
Many of the departmental libraries at...

  5-20-2009    Views: 40846   
article Super Search
Super Search is a federated search engine,...

  8-7-2007    Views: 38129   
article TESOL/ESL Resources at Teachers College
Materials pertaining to the teaching of...

  5-20-2009    Views: 80918   
article Tests, Measurements, Evaluations, and Instruments
Our library does not maintain a print test...

  5-21-2009    Views: 6495   
article The Kraus Curriculum Development Library (KCDL)
The Kraus Curriculum Development L

  6-21-2010    Views: 37090   
article What Is CLIO?
CLIO is the online catalog for the more than...

  10-2-2008    Views: 2391   
article What Is EDUCAT?
EDUCAT is the online catalog for Gottesman...

  5-18-2009    Views: 1966   
article What Is WorldCat?
WorldCat is a catalog representing the...

  5-11-2009    Views: 2358   
article Where Are the Archives of the Children's Village and the New York Juvenile Asylum?

  7-8-2009    Views: 54937   
article Where Are the Archives of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS)?
The archives of the National Council for the...

  7-16-2009    Views: 37198   
article Where Are the Board of Education Archives?
People interested in using the Board of...

  6-8-2009    Views: 55994   
article Where Can I Find Funding To Support My Research?
TIP: Check with your Department about funding...

  2-22-2010    Views: 85174   
article Zotero
Zotero, a Firefox plug-in, is the latest...

  9-28-2011    Views: 1004   

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