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Super Search

Super Search is a federated search engine, that allows you to search most of Teachers College's resources (i.e. EDUCAT, CLIO, E-books, and the online databases) through a single interface. Super Search can be a helpful, time-saving tool if used properly.

Getting to Super Search:

1. Type your search terms into the search banner at the top of the library's home page and selecting Super Search from the drop down menu,


2. Click on Super Search under Library Resources on the library's home page.

From the Super Search page you can perform either a Basic Search or an Advanced Search.

Basic Search:

If you know the specific resources you want to search, search by database. Type your search terms in the query box, and check off the resources you want to run your search through or click "Select All," to run the search through all the databases.

If you don't know the specific resources you want to search, but you do know the general topic areas your query covers, click on "Search by Subject."

Advanced Search:

With the Advanced Search, you have the same choice to search by database or by subject. Additionally, you can specify the fields in which your search terms should appear(e.g. title, author, full text, keyword, subject). You can also link multiple search terms with Boolean operators (e.g. and, or, not) and specify a publication year.

Interpreting the results list:

The results page can be potentially confusing.

On the left is a display that shows the number of results from each sub-topic, date range, journal and author.

The blue box on the right shows you the sources from which the results were drawn. Click the link "Hide Summary" to collapse this box.

Beneath this blue box is the list of results from your search. You can limit these results by sub-topic, date range, journal or author by clicking on the appropriate links within the clustered results. You can also limit the results by database by clicking on any one of the resources in the blue box. The refined list of results will be listed on the bottom of the page.

Clicking on the hyperlinked title of any of the results will bring you to the resource from which the citation was drawn.

For more help, please consult the Super Search Search Tips page or Ask a Librarian.

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