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Checking out books, materials, and other equipment

article Am I Entitled to Library Privileges If I Am Only Registered for Dissertation Advisement?
Students who are only registered for...

  7-13-2009    Views: 82330   
article Can I Return Columbia, Law or Jewish Theological Seminary Library Books To Teachers College?
Columbia University library books, including...

  8-10-2007    Views: 105015   
article How Can I Pay Library Fines?
You can pay your library fines on our secure

  8-5-2007    Views: 112796   
article How Can I Request Materials from Columbia's Health Sciences Library?
If you find a book in CLIO, the Columbia...

  11-11-2011    Views: 2157   
article How Do I Become A Deputy Borrower At The Columbia University Libraries For A Faculty Member Or Administrator?
You can learn about becoming a Deputy...

  6-23-2010    Views: 81237   
article How Do I Become A Deputy Borrower At The Gottesman Libraries At Teachers College For A Faculty Member Or Administrator?

  5-14-2010    Views: 76601   
article How do I get a "closed stack" item?
Need an item that says CLOSED STACK in...

  4-18-2011    Views: 12897   
article How Do I Renew A Book?
Books can be renewed in person at the 1st...

  7-23-2007    Views: 110304   
article How Do I Renew An Overdue Book?
Overdue books must be renewed in person at...

  7-23-2007    Views: 58743   
article How Long Can I Borrow Books?
TC students may keep items borrowed from the...

  7-23-2007    Views: 21212   
article How Many Books Can I Check Out From The Library?
You can check out as many as you need; there is...

  7-28-2007    Views: 59104   
article How Much Are Fines For Overdue And Lost Books And Equipment Such As Laptops?
Overdue books are assessed a fine of 50 cents...

  7-23-2007    Views: 76547   
article What Can I Do If An Item I Need Is Checked Out Or Not On The Shelf?
First, look in

  7-23-2007    Views: 74915   
article What Can I Do If The Book I Need Is Already Checked Out?
If the item you are looking for is listed as...

  7-27-2007    Views: 39468   
article What Happens If I Return My Teachers College Library Books To A Columbia Library?
Teachers College library books must be...

  8-10-2007    Views: 156054   
article Where Are All The Books?
To locate specific items in the library's...

  7-23-2007    Views: 54866   
article Where Are The Audiovisual Materials?
Audiovisual materials (videos, DVDs, CDs) are...

  7-23-2007    Views: 71626   
article Where Are The Children's Books?

  7-23-2007    Views: 73467   
article Where Are The Curriculum Materials?

  7-23-2007    Views: 72045   
article Where Are The Journals?

  7-23-2007    Views: 34884   

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