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General information about the library

article Conference Phone Instructions
The first step is actually reserving the...

  8-7-2011    Views: 1665   
article Accessing PocketKnowledge
You need to create an account to search the...

  7-24-2007    Views: 91276   
article Adaptive Technology Labs
There are two Adaptive Technology Labs at...

  5-8-2009    Views: 53850   
article Can A Graduate Of The Lincoln School Or The Horace Mann School Have Free Access To PocketKnowledge?

  12-2-2010    Views: 57322   
article Confirm or view current reservations
To confirm, view, or check a reservation, you...

  5-23-2007    Views: 35201   
article Copyright: Responsible Use of Electronic Resources by Provost Thomas James, Feb. 12, 2011

  2-14-2011    Views: 23656   
article Dissertation Corrections Not Allowed
The Doctor of Education Committee

  5-5-2010    Views: 81563   
article Filtering In Email From the Library
Is email from the library getting filtered to...

  6-20-2016    Views: 511   
article Filtering In Email From the Library
Is email from the library getting filtered to...

(No rating)  6-20-2016    Views: 507   
article Hours of Operation
Please refer to the Library Information page...

  8-3-2007    Views: 1985   
article How Do I Apply For A Part-Time Job At The Library?
Each year the library employs part-time...

  5-14-2010    Views: 43685   
article How do I purchase an item from PocketKnowledge?
The archives of Teachers College have been...

  9-28-2010    Views: 31404   
article How do I use the Gottesman Libraries' art collection to create framed images?
This is a short guide create framed artworks...

  7-13-2009    Views: 47903   
article How to cancel a room reservation
Click on the cancellation link included in...

  5-23-2007    Views: 58399   
article Important Phone Numbers

  3-29-2007    Views: 107096   
article Information about Copyright
TC's Document Services provides Copyright...

  4-17-2011    Views: 12951   
article Information for Database Vendors
This page is for vendors who...

  4-17-2011    Views: 17707   
article Lending Policy for Outside Institutions
Libraries may request circulating materials...

  4-17-2011    Views: 11953   
article Library Exhibition Application
Educational exhibitions are mounted in...

  9-26-2011    Views: 1819   
article Open Journals at Teachers College
The library supports an installation of Open...

  3-8-2011    Views: 23038   
article PocketKnowledge: Attributing Sources
When referring to sources from TC's...

  10-3-2011    Views: 1848   
article Replacement Cost for Equipment

  3-29-2007    Views: 11825   
article Requesting a wireless microphone

  3-29-2007    Views: 2360   
article Sending Community Emails

  9-12-2008    Views: 1723   
article Trouble accessing eReserves or problem with material request?
Are you having trouble accessing your...

  5-24-2007    Views: 115200   
article Who Are Willoby And Himrod?
Willoby and Himrod are two esteemed professors...

  4-7-2010    Views: 1520   
article Why Can't I Access E-Resources If I Am A TC Student Who Has Finished My Course Work But Is Working On A Dissertation Or Thesis?

  3-31-2010    Views: 62192   

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