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How do I purchase an item from PocketKnowledge?

The archives of Teachers College have been converted to digital form and are available on PocketKnowledge, Teachers College's institutional repository. Many items are public, while others are available only to members of the Teachers College community. For Non-affiliates, the process to access University-only materials is as follows:

Step 1: Individuals may submit an Application for Access, and obtain selected items (for personal use).

Step 2: Upon approval of the application (decisions made on a rolling basis), guest access to PocketKnowledge is provided for access to requested items. The fee is $50 for one month of access, during which time items may be downloaded for further use. Details:
  • Guest access cannot be purchased without an Application for Access.
  • The application must include direct links to all requested documents.
  • Patrons must pay online.
  • After receipt of payment, further instructions will be provided via email.
Any questions about access to PocketKnowledge should be submitted through the library's support system.


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