News Display: Kennedy-Nixon Debate, Monday, 9/26

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  • Kennedy-Nixon Debate, Monday, 9/26

  • On September 26, 1960, major party presidential candidates Senator John F. Kennedy from Massachusetts and Vice President Richard M. Nixon met in a Chicago television studio to discuss United States domestic matters. While Nixon, without make-up, appeared pale and nervous in the first debate, Kennedy was calm and confident, emerging as the clear winner on television that night. It was the first televised presidential debate, followed by three others, and in a matter of weeks Kennedy went on to win the election.

    The Kennedy-Nixon debate set a precedent in the relationship between media and political history. Since 1976 presidential debates have been an integral part of political campaigns as they continue to shape public opinion and influence election outcomes.

  • International Literacy Day, Thursday, 9/8

  • Focusing on worldwide literacy needs, International Literacy Day is observed annually on September 8. First celebrated in 1966, it was initiated by Unesco to help raise awareness of the importance of reading and writing on a global scale. The theme for the 2011 International Literacy Day is Literacy and Peace.

    The newspaper display will highlight the history of International Literacy Day and draw attention to worldwide issues surrounding literacy, as well as problems in access to acceptable levels of education throughout our communities and societies.

  • Constitution Day, Friday, 9/16

  • Constitution Day, also known as Citizenship Day, commemorates the signing and adoption of the United States Constitution, the supreme law of our land, on September 17, 1787, as it also recognizes all those who have become U.S. citizens. In 2011 it is observed on Friday, September 16th.

    Be sure to visit Observing Constitution Day at the National Archives which includes teaching resources, lesson plans by era, worksheets, and many primary resources for use in the classroom.

  • First Cannes Film Festival, Tuesday, 9/20

  • The first International Cannes Film Festival opened in Cannes, a beautiful beach resort on the French Riviera on September 20, 1946. It was several years in the making, having been delayed by the outbreak of World War II. Eighteen nations were represented and nine films honored with the "Grand Prix du Festival" award.

    Today the Cannes Film Festival is considered the most prestigious film festival in the world, despite growing commercialization and average attendances of 30,000. It remains an important showcase for European films or cinema art.

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