Information for Database Vendors

This page is for vendors who are selling/have sold an electronic product to Teachers College.  If you are a vendor who is selling/have sold a product to Columbia University, please refer to the Columbia University library vendor information sheet: .

For additional information, please contact:

General information, Ordering & Payment: Please contact us here.

Technical: Please contact us here.

Information Environment for Teachers College

1. NAME & TYPE OF SITE:   Teachers College, Columbia University, is a graduate and professional school of education located in the City of New York, and is affiliated with Columbia University.  ( More information )

2. SIZE OF SITE IN NUMBER OF USERS: (updated August 2011) : Counts are for full-time equivalents.

Division Students Faculty Total
Teachers College 3,606 270 3,876


IP Address Range
: (single IP address, machine hosted off-campus at Rackspace)

Proxy Server:  The Libraries operates an EZProxy, which carries all on-campus and off-campus traffic for electronic resources. The URL for the proxy is Proxied resources should be sent in the form of

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