Artist Talk & Opening Exhibition: Human-Nature Entanglements: Explorations In Creativity Beyond Human, with Isabel Correa

Biodesign As a Creative Space To Reimagine Humans’ Relationship With Nature

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Dec 16

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Offit Gallery

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211216_GuestTalk_219x365.jpgPlease join designer Isabel Correa for the opening of her new exhibit, Human-Nature Entanglements: Explorations In Creativity Beyond Human. In times of ecological unraveling, Human-Nature Entanglements: Explorations in Creativity Beyond Human looks into biodesign as a creative space to reimagine humans’ relationship with nature. The exhibition presents an array of material explorations in shape, texture, and color resulting from an entanglement with mycelium (the underground networks of mushrooms), technologies, bioplastics, waste, and other materials. By blurring the boundaries between the practices of making and growing we are invited to interrogate sharp distinctions and hierarchies between humans and non-humans, culture and nature, artificial and organic. Instead, we examine the ways in which all material bodies are intertwined and constantly giving form to each other through pressure, friction, breath, growth, decay and ongoing material transformations by which all forms emerge. 

Isabel Correa is a designer, doctoral student, and research assistant at Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research focuses on understanding creativity particularly in education, and involves the development and study of playful tools and practices for children to make sense of the world around them and build alternative worlds. Working at the intersection of design, learning sciences, and biology her dissertation explores creativity across species through the development of biodesign practices that invite learners to reimagine humans’ relationship with nature. 

This exhibition was made possible through the generous support of the Myers Foundations.The exhibition is part of the artist’s dissertation research developed with the thoughtful advice of Dr. Nathan Holbert; and the creative collaboration of Snow Day Learning Lab members Maria Lopez-Delgado, Ayse Unal, Uttarika Shetty, Yuxi Huang, Blake Danzing, and multiple more-than-human creatures. The exhibit was produced in collaboration with Trisha Barton, lead designer of Gottesman Libraries.

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Also be sure to visit the Everett Cafe book display, The Entangled World of Fungi, which invites us to unravel the kingdom of fungi in the search of meaning, connectedness, possibility, and life amid environmental decay. We explore mycology as a place for radical rethinking of humans’ place on earth offering insights into new forms of nourishing and healing our communities, doing science, restoring ecosystems, building artifacts, and educating our children and ourselves as we learn to become better creatures of this world.

Opening Artist Talk: 305 Russell

211216_Exhibit_219x365.jpgExhibit: Offit Gallery, 12/16/21-3/18/22

Book Display: Everett Cafe, continuing in Offit

Guest Talks & Workshop: TBA, Spring


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