Online Book Talk: Micro-Reflection on Classroom Communication: A FAB-Framework, with Sarah Creider

Understanding the Quality Of Classroom Communication

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Mar 30

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Russell Hall 101

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Please join Sarah Creider and Hansun Waring in a discussion of their new book, Micro-Reflection On Classroom Communication: A FAB-Framework (Sheffield, South Yorkshire; Bristol, CT: Equinox Publishing LTD, 2020).

"Traditional concerns with classroom communication have centered on questions such as who talks more, whether the interaction is teacher-centered or student-centered, whether participation is restricted to a few or available to all, what kinds of questions teachers ask, and what kinds of feedback they give. These indicators provide a simple and useful way of capturing classroom communication in distributional and categorical terms. Less attention has been devoted to observing and understanding the quality of this communication — whether it facilitates learning regardless of, for example, who talks more.

Based on over a decade of fine-grained analysis of video-recorded ESL classroom interaction, this book offers a way of seeing and gauging the quality of classroom communication beyond distributions and categories. It invites reflective conversations on how three principles of skillful classroom communication - Fostering, Attending, and Balancing - may be practiced in the micro-moments of classroom interaction."

(Publisher's Description)

Sarah Chepkirui Creider is a Lecturer in Applied Linguistics & TESOL at Teachers College, Columbia University. Dr. Creider completed her Ed'D at Teachers College, Columbia University in 2016, with her dissertation, Encouraging Student Participation In a French-Immersion Kindergarten Class: A Multimodal, Conversation Analytic Study. She has published numerous scholarly articles in the field. Micro-Reflection On Classroom Communication: A FAB-Framework, is her first book, co-authored by Dr. Hansun Zhang Waring.

Hansun Zhang Waring is Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics & TESOL at Teachers College, Columbia University and founder of LANSI.

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