Virtual Book Talk: Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice: Democratizing Justice in the World Tribunal on Iraq, with Janet Gerson, Dale Snauwaert, and Betty Reardon

Insight Into Authentic Democracy As the Most Viable Foundation Of a Peaceful World Order

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Oct 26

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

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Please join us in congratulating authors Janet Gerson and Dale Snauwaert on their latest book, Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice: Democratizing Justice in the World Tribunal on Iraq (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2021), with a foreword by Betty A. Reardon. Janet Gerson and Dale Snauwaert will present their work, a volume in the series Peace Studies: Edges and Innovations and invite questions and comments from attendees.

"Reclaimative Post-Conflict Justice: Democratizing Justice in the World Tribunal on Iraq " presents an important contribution to our understanding of post-conflict justice as an essential element of global ethics and justice through an exploration of the World Tribunal on Iraq (WTI). The 2003 War in Iraq provoked worldwide protests and unleashed debates on the war’s illegitimacy and illegality. In response, the WTI was organized by anti-war and peace activists, international law experts, and ordinary people who claimed global citizens’ rights to investigate and document the war responsibilities of official authorities, governments, and the United Nations, as well as their violation of global public will. The WTI’s democratizing, experimental form constituted reclaimative post-conflict justice, a new conceptualization within the field of post-conflict and justice studies. This book serves as a theoretical and practical guide for all who seek to reclaim deliberative democracy as a viable foundation for revitalizing the ethical norms of a peaceful and just world order."

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Janet Gerson, EdD (Teachers College, Columbia University), is Education Director at the International Institute on Peace Education, and formerly served as Co-Director of the Peace Education Center at Columbia University. She received the 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award in Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies and the 2014 Peace and Justice Studies Association Award for Public Deliberation on Global Justice: The World Tribunal on Iraq. She has contributed chapters to Human Dignity: Practices, Discourses, and Transformations (2020); Exploring Betty A. Reardon's Perspective on Peace Education (2019); The Handbook of Conflict Resolution (2000, 2006); and Learning to Abolish War: Teaching toward a Culture of Peace (2001).

Dale T. Snauwaert, PhD, is Professor of Philosophy of Education and Peace Studies and Director of the Graduate Certificate Program in the Foundations of Peace Education and the Undergraduate Minor in Peace Studies at the University of Toledo, USA. He is the Founding Editor of In Factis Pax: Online Journal of Peace Education and Social Justice, and received a Fulbright Specialist Grant for peace education in Colombia. He has published on such topics as democratic theory, theories of justice, the ethics of war and peace, the normative foundations of peace studies, and the philosophy of peace education. His recent publications include: Betty A. Reardon: A Pioneer in Education for Peace and Human Rights; Betty A. Reardon: Key Texts in Gender and Peace; and Human Rights Education beyond Universalism and Relativism: A Relational Hermeneutic for Global Justice (with Fuad Al-Daraweesh), among others.

Betty Reardon is is a widely published feminist peace educator and activist who has worked to introduce a gender perspective into peace education as it is practiced in formal and non-formal learning settings (Education for a Culture of Peace in a Gender Perspective, 2001.) She has advocated peace learning as an essential component of effective community and civil action, and educated for active participation in global civil society. Believing that civil society is the most effective realm in which to work for the global change required for the achievement of women’s full human equality, a stable peace and the vitality of Earth, she has encouraged educators to take up their responsibilities to the global civil order. She is a founder of the Peace Education Commission of the International Peace Research Association (founded in 1975), of the original Peace Education Program at Teachers College Columbia University (founded in 1983,) and most significantly, of the International Institute on Peace Education (IIPE, founded in 1982), the Global Campaign for Peace Education (GCPE, founded in 1999.)

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