An Out-of-this-World Learning Theater Experience

This is an immersive introduction to the Library's newest learning environment.

This is a private event

Aug 31

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM

Smith Learning Theater

Gottesman Libraries 4th Floor

More Details:

This is an immersive, 90-minute learning experience in our newest learning environment. Come ready to use your creativity and imagination and collaborate with others from the Teachers College community to take on an out-of-this-world challenge!


This experience includes loud noises and low-light.

Please wear comfortable clothing, and expect mild aerobic activity.

Please be prepared to stow away your personal technology and items.

Please cancel your reservation in advance if your plans change as 24 participants are ideal for each event.

Participants maybe be photographed and agreeing to a posted Teachers College Media Notice will be required to enter the event.

Last Updated: 8:19 pm, Wednesday, Aug 30 , 2017