Welcome to TC, Tuesday, 9/3 - Wednesday, 9/4

Tuesday, 9/3, -, wednesday, 9/4

Did you think you came to the Gottesman Libraries just to study and research? Then think again. Excited to begin 2013-2014, we invite you to stop by and chat with our staff to explore the breadth and depth of our offerings. As we celebrate TC's 125th Anniversary, we highlight new themes: design thinking and education; evolving forms of artistic expression; enhanced course platform; and highly responsive, student learning environments. So please join us in kicking off the new academic year, as we present:
  • an informative greeting table:
  • One account, multiple apps. Sign up for our unique tools -- Endnode, New Learning Times, Researcher Broker, Survey Sidekick, Vialogues, Pressible.
  • informative research workshops:
  • Join our A-Z research workshops to learn about key -- and often unique tools for finding books, articles, archives, curriculum, video, blogs, and much more.
  • historical re-enactments honoring TC's 125th Anniversary:
  • See fun skits by the TC community of Frank Cyr, inventor of the yellow school bus; Georgia O'Keeffe, renowned artist; and more available through Vialogues, an award-winning discussion platform.
  • engaging library tours -- also by appointment, and virtual:
  • Experience the space and feel of the Gottesman Libraries and Edlab, our research, design, and development unit.
  • cool live music, Mark Tonelli Jazz Trio, Wednesday, 9/4, 6-7:30pm, Everett Cafe:
  • Enjoy dueling guitars and keyboard, showcasing the fine talent of TC student musicians.

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