Workshop: Building an International Student Research Lab in Youth Media & Culture, with Petra Anders & Ada Bieber, Monday, 6/16 & Wednesday, 6/18, 10am-1:30/2pm

Monday, 6/16, &, wednesday, 6/18, 10am-1:30/2pm

Networking is important, as all of us know. But how can undergraduate and graduate students, including PhD candidates, get involved in the international scientific community or build up their own research networks? Building an International Student Research Lab in Youth Media and Culture offers students from Teachers College, Columbia University and Humboldt-University of Berlin the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively on their own research topics. The goal is to develop individual research interests and build a scientific network in the field of children’s and youth literature and media. "Cities and Diversity" is the focus, offering a wide range of topics from within. The workshop on June 16th will address the influence of literary and media images of cities and urbanity, as well as diversity in urban environments based on our experiences of real diverse cities. Joining us will be Rainer Burkard (Humboldt-University) who will speak on "What Is Fictionality: Two or Three Things I Know about It“ and Stranger than Fiction: Ruttmann’s “Sinfonie einer Großstadt” (1927); and Martin Kroetz (Humboldt-University), who will present Can We Read the City as a Text? Reflections on Michel Butor: "Die Stadt als Text" (2000). Students are invited to talk about their research topics and also meet the illustrator and writer Paul Hoppe (Brooklyn). The workshop on June 18th will offer continuing space for students to speak, and there will be additional presentations by Jule Ratajczak (Humboldt-University) on: Children with Special Needs in the City; a film review of Judith Lieff´s documentary "Deaf Jam“ and a discussion of the Graphic Novel: Chen Jiang Hong: "Mao and Me" (2008); furthermore Bruce Burnside will present his PhD-research on Turkish-German youth negotiating identity in an after school center in Berlin, and Martin Kroetz (Humboldt-University) will show his writing experiment "The Desk (Der Schreibtisch): Aesthetics of Writing in the Cityscape". Facilitating these workshops in youth media and culture are Petra Anders, Assistant Professor for German Literature at Humboldt-University, Berlin, and Ada Bieber, Assistant Professor for Children's and Youth Literature and Media at Humboldt-University, Berlin, in coordination with Richard Jochum, Associate Professor of Art and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, and John Broughton, Associate Professor of Psychology and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and co-founder of the Film and Education Research Academy (FERA). Presenters:
  • Bruce Burnside is a PhD Student in the Anthropology and Education Program at Teachers College and his work focuses on Turkish-German youth negotiating identity in an after school center in Berlin.
  • Rainer Burkard studied in Berlin, England and the US and earned his Bachelor of Arts in German Literature and History (2008), his Master’s in German Literature (2012) and recently a second B.A. in Philosophy and Art History. Currently he is applying for a Master’s of Education at Humboldt-University, Berlin. His research interest lies in the theory of fiction which he plans to test in the context of the classroom: developing a competence model of fictionality.
  • Martin Kroetz studies Primary School Pedagogy and German Philology at Humboldt-University. In his Bachelor Thesis (2013) he analyzed the literary qualities of narrative writings by children. For his Master of Education he currently does reseach on the interplay of textualization and aesthetic experience.
  • Julia Ratajczak studies at Humboldt-University Berlin and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Special Needs Education for deaf and hearing impaired people/German Sign Language and German. Next year she is applying for a Master of Education at Humboldt-University Berlin. Her research interests focuses on picture books/graphic novels and films for deaf/hearing impaired children and young adults.
These workshops are co-sponsored by the Film and Education Research Academy (FERA) and Gottesman Libraries. Please rsvp with your details and interest via online support by Thursday, June 12th. For additional information please contact Dr. Petra Anders, and/or Dr. Ada Bieber, Where: 305 Russell

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