Summer Book Club, Tuesday, 7/8, 3-4pm

Tuesday, 7/8, 3-4pm

Our book of choice for July's session is The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, Aged 13 3/4, written by Sue Townsend. After all, Adrian is no ordinary 13 or 14 year old -- in fact, he is considered by some to be an "intellectual genius"! As we prepare for discussion and reading of select excerpts from this best-selling work, we will ponder the following questions:
  • For whom was this book written (or designed), and why?
  • How does it reflect the social and political life of England?
  • What do we learn about adolescence?
  • Consider the diary as an art form.
  • Describe Adrian's "learning spaces". Why would their re-design alter the complexion of the novel?
You might be interested to read The Guardian Book Club piece with author Sue Townsend and John Mullan, Professor of English at University College London. --- Are you reading a great book and wish to share your experience with it? If so, then Summer Book Club is just the place for you! Come join a group of avid readers to read aloud and discuss works that stun, absorb, and stretch your mind. From coming-of-age, to biography, through to historical fiction, our focus will be on reading, oral interpretation, and conversation about books that embrace learning and education in all its forms. Oral interpretation, you say?! It's the art of interpretative or dramatic reading to better understand what we read -- and experience it more fully and enjoyably! It's verbally expressing and sharing works of literature with knowledge of an author's intention. Many things are possible as we ponder the new learning theater…. So bring your ideas and reading recommendations, as we kick start the hazy, hot days of summer. This program is open to members and affiliated members of Teachers College. Please rsvp with your details and interest via online support. Where: 104b Russell

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