Neurodynamic Lunch Hour: From Baby to Biped, with Ted Dimon, Tuesday, 10/28, 12:45-1:45pm

Tuesday, 10/28, 12:45-1:45pm

Topic for October 28th: From Baby to Biped: Exploring Developmental Movement The human body is the most marvelous and versatile moving machine in the world. But do you know how it got this way, or the various things it is actually capable of doing? Neurodynamics is the study of how the body works in action: its anatomical design, operating systems, and the capacity for gaining greater awareness and control in action. Join us for Neurodynamic Lunch Hour as we explore how the human body works, how to use it more efficiently, and how to prevent everyday tensions and strains through education and awareness rather than recourse to drugs and treatment. Come partake of light refreshments, and learn how Neurodynamics can help your health! Be Neurodynamic is an invitation to the TC Community from Dr. Theodore Dimon, head of The Dimon Institute and adjunct assistant professor at Teachers College, to share his work in health and education. Dr. Dimon is the author of Your Body, Your Voice; The Body in Motion; The Elements of Skill; Anatomy of the Moving Body; and The Undivided Self. Instructional materials or weekly information sheets explaining how we are designed to move and function may be accessed via Pocketknowledge. Sessions (12:45-1:45pm):
  • Your Body in Action, 9/16
  • Your Aching Back: Why Your Back Hurts and How It Can Work Better, 9/23
  • The Art of Non-Doing: The Semi-Supine Position, 9/30
  • The Atlanto-Occipital Joint: The “Yes” or “No” Joint, 10/7 (in 104b Russell)
  • Walking Tall: Our Upright Striding Gait, 10/14
  • The Marvelous Mobile Shoulder: How the Shoulder Girdle Works, 10/21
  • From Baby to Biped: Exploring Developmental Movement, 10/28
Where: 305 Russell -- This series is co-sponsored by the Spirituality and Mind/Body Institute and Gottesman Libraries.

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