Workshop: Penny for Your Thoughts: Grant Seeking Tips, Monday, 3/9, 3-4pm

Monday, 3/9, 3-4pm

Come join us for the following February workshops:
  • Penny for Your Thoughts: Grant Seeking Tips, Monday, 3/9, 3-4pm
  • Are you interested in learning about funding sources for research, project, travel, and/or other professional and educational initiatives? Then come to this workshop and explore essential tools that provide information and leads on funding. Penny for Your Thoughts will help draw out your grant needs; begin the quest for financial support; and deploy a few tips in the research process. Please rsvp with your details by Thursday, March 5th. Where: 302 Russell
  • Finding the Song, with Susan Ruth Cohen, Friday, 3/6, 9-11am There was music spinning round and round Escaping, falling to the ground I tried to catch what I could hear Then something shimmered very near… --from Colorsong by Susan Ruth Cohen Join Susan Ruth Cohen, a visual artist, art educator, and current student in the Art and Art Education Program of Teachers College, as she engages second grade children and teachers in educational workshops that explore creative ways to transform text. Susan will draw upon her Colorsong poem and artworks, now on exhibit in the Offit Gallery as part of the Transformations of Text series, to model how words can be transformed into images, music and/or sound, rhythm, and movement -- and further spark creative teaching and learning. Finding the Song is also a segment of Susan's visual reinterpretation of Colorsong, displayed through slides in the Transformations of Text exhibition. Building upon the work of the TC-Humboldt University research lab, Cities and Diversity, an initiative which began in the summer of 2014 and is represented in the subgroup, Transformations of Text, two consecutive workshops will conducted by Susan Ruth Cohen on Friday, March 6th. They are open to members of the Teachers College community, as well as parents and teachers from the Community School, which serves "to demonstrate how affiliation with a higher education institution can lead to effective implementation of comprehensive educational services in an urban, community public school". Please rsvp with your details by Wednesday, March 4th. Where: Offit Gallery Also be sure to join us for the Closing Reception and panel discussion of the Transformations of Text exhibition on Wednesday, March 25th, 3-5pm, in 306 Russell.

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