Library Tours, starting Tuesday, 9/1

Tuesday, 9/1

Welcome, new and returning students! Join us for a fresh, bright, and colorful tour, complete with a riddle or two, to experience the lore and love of the library.
  • Tuesday, 9/1, 3pm
  • Wednesday, 9/2, 12pm
  • Thursday, 9/3, 4pm
  • Friday, 9/4, 2pm
  • Tuesday, 9/8, 11am
  • Wednesday, 9/9, 3pm
  • Thursday, 9/10, 5pm
  • Friday, 9/11, 10am
  • Monday, 9/14, 1pm
  • Tuesday, 9/15, 4pm
-- All tours meet at the First Floor Services desk and are open to members and affiliated members of Teachers College. Interested persons may rsvp with details in advance. If you would like to schedule a tour and/or orientation for another time, please feel free to contact us, and we will gladly arrange.

Last Updated: 2:31 pm, Tuesday, Aug 4 , 2015