New Student Orientation: Hunt Meet!, Tuesday, 9/1-Friday, 9/4

Tuesday, 9/1-friday, 9/4

Imagine hunting for clues to scholarship, library tools, and major ideas that connect the history and development of Teachers College, from the 1900s to the present day! You'll savor the dreams of Dewey, boldness of Baldwin, mystique of Mead, and much, much more! Come scavenge for information and research In our game-filled orientation for new students! You will embark on a library journey, looking around floors one through five, as you get acquainted with all that we have to offer. Prizes and giveaways, laughter and good times. The Scavenger Hunt begins on the First Floor of Russell Hall, at the Library Services Desk. Any concerns or queries? Just ask! Also be sure to check our news feed for information on tours, workshops, and other library-sponsored events. Where: All Floors

Last Updated: 2:31 pm, Tuesday, Aug 4 , 2015