Everett Cafe News: How to Win an Election: A New Book Display, 2/1-3/15

"But since men are principally induced to shew goodwill and zeal at the hustings by three considerations-- kindness received, hope of more, personal affection and good feeling -- we must take notice how best to take advantage of each of these. By very small favours men are induced to think that they have sufficient reason for giving support at the poll, and surely those you have saved (and their number is very large) cannot fail to understand that, if at this supreme crisis they fail to do what you wish, they will never have anyone's confidence. And though this is so, nevertheless they must be appealed to, and must even be led to think it possible that they, who have hitherto been under an obligation to us, may now put us under an obligation to them." -Quintus Tullius Cicero, How to Win an Election In 64 B.C., when Marcus Cicero ran for consul, the highest office of the Roman Republic, his brother Quintus (supposedly) provided him with a short letter of advice on running a successful campaign. Regardless of its origin, it's timely as ever, as are other titles in this collection curated especially for context to the approaching primaries of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. They explore the historical culture of power, the modern culture of politics, and how the American media covers it all. Also be sure to check out February Databases: Politics and Education for leads on relevant research resources. -- At the Everett News Cafe, you'll find a new book collection every few weeks that relates to current affairs, education, or learning environments.

Last Updated: 1:21 pm, Tuesday, Jan 12 , 2016