Exhibit: Music Lessons, through Monday, 3/14

Monday, 3/14

How does a tiny Mardi Gras Indian community in New Orleans pass its music on to future generations? Explore this question alongside other video explorations of music education in the Library's current exhibit. Many distinctive, culturally-influenced approaches to the teaching and learning of music have become educational traditions. These traditions, while alive in silos across the world, are increasingly being blended and blurred in communities on the ground, especially as cross-generational and cross-cultural access to instruments, tools, and DIY educational experiences increase. This video series, inspired by the work of Teachers College educators and artists, explores the stories of music students and teachers and the lessons we can learn from them. Each video takes us through a unique learning experience: not always about music, but always through music. Find, discuss, and share these videos and more on Vialogues.com, a learning platform created at Teachers College. Vialogues #TCmusiclessons Tweet @LibraryTC #TCmusiclessons Where: Kasser Family Exhibition Space (First Floor) When: February 9th - March 14th

Last Updated: 1:00 pm, Tuesday, Feb 9 , 2016