Everett News Cafe: The Supremes, 3/15 - 4/30

After the death of Justice Antonin Scalia on February 13, 2016, the longest sitting justice of the current nine, many questions about the nation's judicial branch remain open. This collection takes us to the basics. How does the Supreme Court work? Who are the sitting justices and what should we know about their legacies? What can we learn today from landmark cases that have shaped American history? In addition to exploring these questions, it includes several titles gathered by The Atlantic as recommended reading (by professional and academics) for a Supreme Court Justice. They explore the nature of punishment in America, the nuanced, lived experiences of legal professionals, and the intersection of law and literature. -- At the Everett News Cafe, you'll find a new book collection every few weeks that relates to current affairs, education, or learning environments.

Last Updated: 4:42 pm, Friday, Feb 12 , 2016