Workshop: Congrats! You're (Almost an Alumn), Monday, 4/25, 3-4pm

Monday, 4/25, 3-4pm

Please join us for the following workshops in April:
  • Congrats! You're (Almost) an Alumn!, Monday, 4/25, 3-4pm
  • This workshop introduces you to resources available after you graduate from Teachers College. We will update you on offerings and present tips on using the expanded program through which you can tap into a multitude of articles, documents, images, and other interesting materials. Please rsvp with your interest by Friday, April 22nd. Where: 302 Russell
  • You Can't Teach Me, If I Don't Trust You: Relational Responsiveness and Student Engagement, with Joseph Mathews, Tuesday, 4/19, 7-9pm
  • In this last installment of the Engaging the Disengaged Student Workshop Series, based on Joseph Mathews' book, Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me, participants will explore the significance of relational responsiveness and the power and price of developing trust. Cultural conflicts in the classroom will also be discussed, as well as interactive role play, to help those in attendance create a more compassionate and responsive classroom culture to engage the hardest-to-reach students. Joseph Mathews has conducted many professional development workshops for teachers that focus on student and family engagement. In addition to his newly published Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me (CreateSpace, May, 2015), he has written Wrestling for My Life (2011), Why Do Boys Make Girls Cry? (2011), Me and My Homies (2010), and The Dropout (2008). Joseph has a M.A. in Family and Community Education, and he is pursuing now a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies, also at Teachers College, Columbia University. Please rsvp with your interest by Monday, April 18th. Where: 306 Russell
  • Integrating Media in Education, with WNET-PBS Producers Stephanie Gebhardt-Murray & Akriti Macker, Tuesday, 4/19, 3-4:30pm
  • Did you know that 80% of children, ages 2-8 years, watch PBS? Parents are calling for more media integration in the classroom? PBS media and curriculum materials support classroom learning? Please join us for a special workshop/presentation by staff members of WNET/PBS which demonstrates how to effectively integrate media into the classroom setting. Part 1 of this workshop is entitled, "Media and Early Learning: Setting the stage to successfully integrate media in the classroom." Part 2 will cover "Real-World Methods and Strategies: Using PBS media to promote literacy, STEAM and/or social emotional skills for early learners." During this workshop participants will have the opportunity to create their own media-integrated lesson. As a certified teacher in New Jersey, Stephanie Gebhardt-Murray has a background in both the formal and informal learning setting. Her teaching experience has included both classroom and museum setting throughout the state. Stephanie also has extensive experience conducting Professional Development for hundreds of teachers throughout the country. Her role at WNET includes curriculum development for early learning series as well as national and local outreach programming campaigns. Akriti Macker is an alumna of TC's Human Development program, specializing in Child Development. Akriti produces educational resources to support PBS programs at WNET and organizes workshops on early literacy and media in education. Her prior work experience includes coordinating early literacy outreach initiatives in Brownsville/East New York, working as an early childhood educator in Tokyo, and supervising curricular research projects in New Delhi. As a nonprofit public media station, WNET continues its 50 plus year tradition of providing educational content via PBS THIRTEEN. WNET has developed innovative blends of media across all platforms - TV, online, mobile, and more -- designed to engage their audience in a multi-layered approach. WNET is the outreach producer for many beloved PBS children?s television and online properties like Thomas & Friends, Sesame Street, Cyberchase, Sid the Science Kid and their emergent bilingualism web feature, Oh Noah!. WNET Education leverages PBS properties that children are watching at home on THIRTEEN and NJTV and transforms them into tools for the classroom setting. Their outreach initiatives bring educational content to early learners and their first teachers both locally and nationally through professional development workshops and family events. Attending this workshop are students from MSTU 5003, taught by Yin Ho, Adjunct Instructor in Communications, Media and Learning Technology Design. Please rsvp no later than Friday, April 15th with your interest. Refreshments will be provided. Where: 306 Russell

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