Visit Abby, Certified Dog Therapist, Tuesday, 3/7, 3-4pm

Tuesday, 3/7, 3-4pm

Come see how a certified dog therapist works her happy magic! Abby is a smart, loving, three-year old golden labrador who offers affection and comfort to all during final exams. She made her debut at the Gottesman Libraries about a year ago, with accolades from the Teachers College community. With many thanks to her generous owners, William Baldwin, Teachers College Professor of Practice in Education and Program Coordinator for Education and Leadership, and his wife, Karen Baldwin, Coordinator of the Graduate Nursing Program at Mount St Mary College, Abby will be available on Tuesday afternoon, March 7th. Students, faculty, staff are welcome to stop by. Where: Zen Garden, Second Floor

Last Updated: 12:32 pm, Tuesday, Apr 19 , 2016