Workshop: Theater Talk, Monday, 7/25, 3-4pm

Monday, 7/25, 3-4pm

Please join us for the following workshops in July:
  • Theater Talk, Monday, 7/25, 3-4pm
  • Ever consider theater as an educational means? A proponent for educational innovation? Tool to promote social and political change? From production to performance, audience to actor, the theater offers a myriad of possibilities for shaping the future of teaching and learning. In this workshop, we will reflect on memorable experiences in the theater that have shaped our understanding. We also will explore research resources that delve into various aspects of the theater and help us consider its impact both inside and outside the classroom. Please rsvp with your details by Monday, July 25th.
  • Curriculum Corner: Connecting K-12, Monday, 7/18, 3-4pm
  • Need to find ESL textbooks for K-12 with a science focus? Tracking textbooks and other curriculum materials may not always be so easy! This workshop covers helpful ways to scout out textbooks, children's literature, lesson plans, and other K-12 materials in the Gottesman Libraries' collection. From Educat, our catalog, to Databases by Genre: K-12, through to Pocketknowledge's American Curriculum Collection, we will present different ways of accessing both current and historical materials. Please rsvp with your interest to reserve a spot in the "Curriculum Corner"! Where: 302 Russell

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