Workshop: Historical Research: A Detective's Trail, Thursday, 8/11, 3-4pm

Thursday, 8/11, 3-4pm

Do you need leads on tracking down people, places, events, and other things of the past? Maybe you are curious about the Philosophy of Education Club in existence at Teachers College during the first quarter of the twentieth century? Or descriptions of the courses taken or taught by TC members? The Haitian connection and wider impact on education? Follow your hunches, but become the detective in scouting out clues from key resources. In this workshop we will explore tools and methods for uncovering archival and historical information, including Pocketknowledge, our digital archive; Educat, our catalog; Teachers College Record, official journal; World Cat (Archive Grid); and much more. If you have a particular topic in mind, please let us know when you rsvp with your details! Where: 302 Russell

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