Workshop: Get Lit: Conducting the Review, Thursday, 10/20, 3-4pm

Thursday, 10/20, 3-4pm

Please join us for the following workshops in October:
  • Get Lit: Conducting the Review, Thursday, 10/20, 3-4pm
  • A review of literature is an essential step in the process of writing a thesis or dissertation, or any paper for publication. It asks that you read and critique articles, books, and other sources that have already been written on your topic or related topics. In the process, you are required to find sources and evaluate the best way to focus your research so that you can contribute to a body of scholarly literature. We will assist you in locating the sources you need to conduct your review of the literature and offer some basic guidance on the steps past research -- namely, presenting and organizing your material. Please rsvp with your details no later than Tuesday, October 18th. Where: 306 Russell
  • Copyright or Copy Wrong?, Wednesday, 10/5, 3-4pm
  • Come join us for an informative workshop on copyright law and how it applies to education. We will discuss its meaning and importance; look at resources that highlight the basic do's and don'ts; and present advisory offices at Teachers College and Columbia University that go deeply into the issues surrounding copyright protection and fair usage. We will address copyright with regard to materials on Course Reserves. Please rsvp with your details if you'd like to attend. Where: 306 Russell

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