News Display: Robert Burns' Birthday, Wednesday, 1/25

Wednesday, 1/25

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  • Robert Burns' Birthday, Wednesday, 1/25
  • January 25, 1759 marks the birth of Scottish poet Robert Burns in Alloway, Ayrshire. The son of farmers and with little formal education, Burns became an acclaimed writer of the heart in the Scottish dialect. His works include "For Auld Lang Syne" (now a Scottish anthem), "Red, Red Rose" and "To a Mouse". January 25 is celebrated as "Robert Burns Night" in Scotland and Scottish communities throughout the world Traditional food and fare, including haggis, venison, salmon, and whiskey, are feasted upon, while Burns' poetry is read aloud.
  • Iran Hostage Crisis Ends, Friday, 1/20
  • On January 20, 1981, shortly after the inauguration speech of President Ronald Regan, 52 U.S. captives held at the American Embassy in Teheran were released. The United States freed closed to 8 billion dollars in Iranian assets that were frozen -- thus ending the 444 day Iranian Hostage Crisis. Militant Iranian students seized the U.S. Embassy on November 4, 1979 -- an act to protest the U.S. government's decision allowing the deposed shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, who was suffering from cancer, to receive medical treatment in New York City. Iran's political and religious leader, the Ayatollah Khomeini, refused massive appeals and numerous diplomatic efforts by the former President Jimmy Carter, who had ordered a rescue mission that proved tragic in causing the deaths of eight members of the American military. Among the hostages held was Barry Rosen, Teachers College executive director of External Affairs who worked on the TC Afghan Education Project the early 2000's, to help develop a curriculum that emphasized peace and conflict resolution. Read more about this project, as well as the efforts by Teachers College, 1954-1978, to help Afghanistan build a modern educational system.

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