Exhibit: Winter: Selections from the Teachers College Collections, 1/17- 3/1

"Winter is a season of recovery and preparation." - Paul Theroux This exhibition features the Teachers College Art Collection, including works from the Federico Castellon Memorial Print Collection, the Ziegfeld Collection of International Children’s Art, and the Students of Arthur Wesley Dow Collection. Winter can be a somber time in New York. The New Year arrives as icy wind drives people indoors. After the bustle and urgency of the holidays, the coming months yawn ahead with the prospect of spring a distant glimmer. In this exhibit, themes of stillness, nature, loneliness, simplicity and discomfort are presented together as a reminder that Winter is as valuable a time for growth and work as any other season. Where: Offit Gallery, Third Floor When: January 17th - March 1st

Last Updated: 5:42 am, Friday, Jan 6 , 2017