Workshop: The Information Superhighway, Tuesday, 5/30, 3-4pm

Tuesday, 5/30, 3-4pm

Please join us for the following workshops in May:
  • The Information Superhighway, Tuesday, 5/30, 3-4pm
  • In The Information Superhighway, we will explore various search strategies to help you find what you need -- whether you are a single driver, driver of various vehicles, or purely a passenger en route to a required destination. This workshop covers simple and complex search strategies using dedicated, federated, and mega search tools. We will explore single databases, like ERIC or PsycINFO; multiple provider resources, like Ebsco/Proquest; federated engines TC Supersearch, CU Quicksearch and Google Scholar; and also Course Reserves for required readings. Where: 302 Russell Please rsvp with your interest and details by Friday, May 26th.
  • Inspiration for the Broken-Hearted Educator, with Joseph Mathews, Tuesday, 5/9, 5-7pm (postponed)
  • What becomes of educators when they are asked to implement zero tolerance and “no excuses” policies and practices with which they disagree? This workshop addresses the tensions and pressing issues in urban education that many teachers face in the classroom.  Joseph Mathews has conducted many professional development workshops for teachers that focus on student and family engagement. In addition to Things I Wish My Teacher Knew About Me (CreateSpace, May, 2015), he has written Wrestling for My Life (2011), Why Do Boys Make Girls Cry? (2011), Me and My Homies (2010), and The Dropout (2008). Joseph has a M.A. in Family and Community Education, and he is pursuing now a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Studies, also at Teachers College, Columbia University. Please rsvp with your interest by Monday, May 8th. Where: 306 Russell
  • You're Alumni! Now What?, Thursday, 5/11, 3-4pm
  • So, you have just completed your thesis or dissertation and have graduated, but need access to research resources... why is it that you can only get so far from the library's top page? This workshop focuses on how to search the many databases available to alumni of Teachers College, Columbia University. We will help you get started on your quest for research and provide tips and tricks in constructing a good search, as well as an overview of additional services, including Pocketknowledge, the digital archive. Please rsvp with your interest and details by Wednesday, May 10th. Where: 302 Russell
== To request disability-related accommodations contact OASID at, (212) 678-3689, (212) 678-3853 TTY, (646) 755-3144 video phone, as early as possible.

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