Join the Conversation in Vialogues!

Curated discussions of library-sponsored events offer comments for continuing conversation. Be sure to check out the following vialogues that explore topics highly relevant to the Teachers College community.
  • Letters to a Young Education Reformer, with Rick Hess -- perspectives on what education reform is and what it should be
  • FinnishEd Leadership, with Pasi Sahlberg -- a conversation with Pasi Sahlberg and Sam Abrams on Finnish education and its relevance to schools in America
  • Breakaway Learners, with Karen Gross -- how to create structures of support and trust in serving first generation, low income students who have been traumatized
  • Rampage Nation, with Louis Klarevas -- reflections on gun policy and practice to reduce gun massacres in our nation
Library Instruction, with Kaitlin Kehnemuyi -- Vialogues (which derives from "video dialogues") is an award-winning discussion platform that proves videos are powerful teaching resources and the ultimate conversation starters. Vialogues provides a proven space for users to hold meaningful and dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos. Be sure to sign up for a free account in Vialogues if you do not already have one!

Last Updated: 8:15 am, Tuesday, Nov 14 , 2017