Gottesman Libraries Student Educational Activity Grant

We are pleased to announce that the Library is sponsoring a student grant competition to support student-driven research, teaching, and learning activities to be conducted in the Smith Learning Theater. The award will provide assistance and support to individual students or groups of students to plan and execute ambitious activities that further research, teaching or learning. The award is targeted at those activities that make use of the unique facilities of the Learning Theater. To apply prepare a description of your project (max. 5 pages), and what you think you will need to execute it successfully. The project description should include: I. Basic Information Title: Student Applicant(s) and Departments/Programs: For Research Projects list sponsor of approved Masters Project or Doctoral Dissertation: Project Abstract (200 word max): II. Project Description Overall Project Description (including Background, Research, Teaching, or Learning Goals, Activities, Number of Participants, Target Audience, Time Required – including anticipated setup and rehearsal time, etc.): III. Type of Support Required Describe your initial thinking about the type of support that might be needed to make this project successful. Apply by April 10th To apply upload your application in pdf form and complete the standard event application at: by selecting "Smith Learning Theater" and choosing the “Student Event Award Grant Application” option. Applications are due by April 10th for events to be held during the Fall 2018 semester and beyond.

Last Updated: 8:30 am, Friday, Mar 2 , 2018