Book Talk: Those Two!, with Rosanna Rodriguez, Thursday, 10/11, 4-5:30pm

305 Russell

Please join us for a book talk in celebration of the recent publication of Those Two! (Lollipop, inc., 2018), a graphic novel written and illustrated by Rosanna Rodriguez on the teenage years, friendship, and family life.

Nat currently lives with her godparents and their son, Jon. Everything seems fine yet recently Jon has been acting a little strange towards her. It's nothing but tension building up each day, making Nat feel unwelcome. One minute he can be best buds with her, but the next he goes off the handle —resulting in either him storming off or her making him see stars. Ouch! Somehow though he'll go back to his old self until the next outburst (or phase of the moon). She feels more homesick than ever and asks to go home, but plans always seem to fall through. Even Jon's parents' notice a change in their son's behavior, but they're not so sure it's teenage angst. Could it be love or maybe a personality disorder?

Book Summary

“I’ve been working on this since high school. There are some people who've actually grown up with my characters and have witnessed their progress through the years. This is not my first comic but it is my baby. I don't know what it is about Jon and Nat's world. I just want to find out what happens. ...I've wanted to be an artist since I can remember, but didn't get into making comics 'til my teens. I never felt like my work was where I wanted it to be. So it keeps evolving and I work to make it better.” 

— Author’s statement

Rosanna Rodriguez is the AV specialist at Dean Hope Center in Thorndike Hall, Teachers College, Columbia University.

Please rsvp by Tuesday, October 9th with your interest and details.

Where: 305 Russell

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