Book Display: The Patriarchy: Past and Present, starting mid-January

Everett Cafe

The Patriarchy refers to a family, group, community, society, social organization, or government where men predominate in positions of power. Supremacy of the male traces back to the Old Testament with leading figures Methuselah, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Derived from the Greek meaning "rule of the father", patriarchy in Aristotle's time viewed women as property; the term connected through the centuries to the women's movement and feminism, with many believing that cultural norms still favor men today. 

This exhibit draws attention to the history and continuing controversy over patriarchal systems and ensuing social, political, and economic issues -- sexism; gender and workplace; male-dominated industries and government; objectification; race and class; rape culture, to name just a few. Its intent is to help us examine our thoughts, feelings, and actions with regard to an ancient theme whose continuing relevance plays out.


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