Film Talk: Adelante, Wednesday, 2/20, 5-7pm

306 Russell

"Adelante showcases an Irish Catholic church on the outskirts of Philadelphia that is attracting the patronage of Mexican immigrants in the area. With a personal glimpse at the lives of the vibrant community members - a remarkable Irish American priest, young Mexican immigrants, and older Irish parishioners - the film shows how churchgoers from various backgrounds have forged meaningful and heartfelt bonds of friendship and understanding. Once moribund, the church has become a place for American parishioners to learn about, accept, and embrace a group of immigrants that breathes new life into the community. The film shares the expectant joy of the newly arrived families as they establish lives in an unfamiliar, often bewildering country that offers opportunities entangled with sometimes painful compromises. At its core, Adelante is a celebration of two groups' growth and an embrace of their evolving community."

-- Film Description

Adelante (2014) is directed by the University of Pennsylvania graduate student Noam Osband and executive produced by Professor Stanton Wortham of the Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania. It was an Official Selection in the 17th Cine Las Americas International Film Festival in Austin, Texas. Awards include: Canada International Film Festival, 2014 - Rising Star Award; Memphis International Film Festival, 2014; UBC International Anthropology Film Festival, 2014; Athens Ethnographic Film Festival, 2014; and Society of Visual Anthropology Film Festival, 2014.

For a related article, see "Documentary on Norristown's Mexican Community, Inspired by GSE Research, Airing on WHYY".

This film talk will be attended by Professor Regina Cortina's students in Latinos in Urban Schools, Department of International and Transcultural Studies.

Interested students from outside this course are welcome to rsvp with their details.

Where: 306 Russell


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