Book Talk: Anatomy the Voice, with Ted Dimon, Monday, 3/22, 4-5:30pm

305 Russell

Please join Dr. Theodore Dimon, Director and Founder of The Dimon Instiute, for a discussion of his recently published book, Anatomy of the Voice: An Illustrated Guide for Singers, Vocal Coaches, and Speech Therapists (North Atlantic Books, 2018). Beautifully illustrated by G. David Brown, program illustration director at Winthrop University who has worked with Dr. Dimon on four previous books, this guide "explains in clear and concise language the anatomy and mechanics of the mysterious and complex bodily system we call the voice" (publisher's description). It covers the anatomy of breathing; the larynx; the extrinsic muscles of the larynx; the mouth and pharynx; the face and jaw; the evolution and function of the larynx, and includes an epilogue and index.

An internationally recognized authority on the holistic model of mind-body integration, as well as the Alexander Technique, Theodore Dimon, Ed.D, is Director and Founder of The Dimon Institute and an Adjunct Professor at Columbia University, Teachers College. An internationally renowned expert and teacher of the Alexander Technique, he created the Dimon Institute in 1996 in Cambridge, MA, to research, develop, and train teachers in the field of Psychophysical Education. He was certified in the Alexander Technique from the Constructive Teaching Centre in London by Walter Carrington in 1983. To establish national standards for teacher certification in the United States, he co-founded the American Society for the Alexander Technique (AmSAT) in 1987. He has taught in New York City since 2005. A graduate of Tufts University, Dr. Dimon received both his master's and doctorate degrees in education from Harvard University.


Dr. Dimon has written ten books, including Anatomy of the Moving BodyThe Body in Motion: Its Evolution and DesignAnatomy of the Voice; Your Body, Your VoiceBreathing and the Voice; The Elements of Skill; The Undivided Self; A New Model of Man’s Conscious DevelopmentNeurodynamics: The Art of Mindfulness in Action; and The Use of the Hands in Teaching. He is the editor of Frank Pierce Jones’ Collected Writings on the Alexander Technique.

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Where: 305 Russell


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