Student Initiated Learning Theater Events Grant – Proposals Due May 1, 2019

Gottesman Libraries

The library is pleased to announce the second annual grant for support of student initiated events in the Smith Learning Theater. Student events may focus on research such as dissertation or thesis projects that would benefit from the facilities of the Learning Theater as well as teaching and learning events such as special lessons or workshops.

To submit a proposal, prepare a one to three page description of your project that includes the following:

I. Basic Information

  • Title
  • Student Applicant
  • Faculty Sponsor/Advisor (if applicable)
  • Your Department/Program

II. Project Description

  • Abstract
  • Learning goals
  • Proposed Sample Activities
  • Target Audience
  • Number of Participants
  • Estimated Preparation Time
  • Number of Sessions

III. Support and Resources Required

  • Please describe the support and resources you imagine for your project

Uploading Your Application

Submit your proposal via the Learning Theater application system:

After creating an account, submit your application by selecting "Smith Learning Theater" from the drop-down menu. Select “Student Educational Activity Grant Application” and proceed to upload your application.

Proposals are due by May 1, 2019.

For more information on the capacities of the Smith Learning Theater please see the following resources:

The Smith Learning Theater Micro-course

See these videos on last year's student grant projects:

See these Rhizrs for a deeper look at different kinds of events:


To request disability-related accommodations contact OASID at, (212) 678-3689, (212) 678-3853 TTY, (646) 755-3144 video phone, as early as possible.

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