May Staff Picks: Labor

Reading Room, Second Floor

"May 1 marks International Workers' Day, chosen in memory of the Haymarket Affair: a general strike petitioning for the eight hour day set on May 1, 1886, the ensuing police violence, and other workers' rallies that followed. With teachers of all levels going on strike around the nation and the world in a fight for fair treatment, this month comes as a reminder of what workers have won and what they have at stake in the future. The idea for this collection began when I came across a children's book about the Los Angeles janitor strike during my first year or so as a services associate. I then learned that a childhood friend's mother and TC alumna, Dr. Lois Weiner, has published extensively on unions in education. As an educator and a graduate student myself, it felt important to bring these books front and center while we continue to push for fairness in all fields.

This collection focuses primarily on labor history in the United States, but includes a variety of perspectives on figures, events, and ideologies that have been crucial to shaping the movement. Work has different meanings for and different impacts on different people. My goal is to highlight the commonalities between these struggles while exploring the myriad aspects that make each one necessary. For a more comprehensive take on the topic, additional resources can be found on the Learning at the Library blog."

-- Curator's Statement

Rachel Altvater is a Library Services Associate at the Gottesman Libraries and she is pursing a Master's in Library Science, with a specialization in school librarianship, at Queen's College.

Staff Picks is curated each month by the Gottesman Libraries' staff to highlight resources on educational topics and themes of special interest.


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