August Newsletter: Education Program

The Gottesman Libraries

The Gottesman Libraries Education Program informs students, faculty and staff about the latest thinking in education, in ways that engage members of the community with one another and with a broad range of educational experts. The program also provides understanding of work being done throughout the college.

EdLab Seminars:

EdLab is a research, design, and development unit at Teachers College, Columbia University. EdLab envisions and pilots knowledge projects for a fundamentally different education sector that is attuned to the emerging post-industrial world. EdLab engages in work that has the potential to contribute to the improvement of educational institutions today and the broader evolution and reconfiguration of future educational services.

Please join us for the following August Edlab seminars to which rsvps can be submitted.

Library Archive Metadata and Visualization with Bingjun Li, Wednesday, 7/31, 12-1:30pm

Please RSVP

Bingjun Li will share the results of his work on the Library Archive Metadata and Visualization Project. Li will start hi Ph.D. in Statistics at the University of Connecticut this fall to further conduct research and understanding of statistics and data science.

Data Mining and Natural Language Processing to Enhance Search and Recommendation, with Benjamin Shapiro, Wednesday, 8/14, 9am-3pm

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Benjamin Shapiro is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Interactive Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He completed his Ph.D. in Learning Sciences & Design as a member of the Space, Learning & Mobility Lab at Vanderbilt University's Peabody College of Education. His research and design integrates approaches from the learning and social sciences, information visualization and architecture to study how people engage and learn in relation to the physical environment and to develop information environments and experiences that allow people and organizations to explore, analyze, and make sense of data. His work has received awards from the computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), computer-human interaction (CHI) and Vanderbilt communities. His work has also been published in other venues including the IEEE Vis Arts Program and the Innovative Learning Environments and Teacher Change (ILETC) Project in Melbourne, Australia.

Data Mining and Natural Language Processing to Enhance Search and Recommendation, with Ameya Karnad, Wednesday, 8/28, 12-1:30pm

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Amaya Karnad is a Columbia University Data Science Institute Scholar and EdLab Summer Intern. Amaya is nterested in the applications of Data Science to the Social Sciences, Public policy, Political Sciences and Education.

Where: 500 Russell Hall / Edlab Seminar Space


Regularly scheduled instructional offerings include workshops, tours, orientations, and course-specific instruction in coordination with staff and faculty of the College.

An Introduction to Course Reserves, Tuesday, 8/20, 3-4pm

Summer is winding down and it's time to get ready for the Fall Semester! We will cover how to access, navigate, and manage your readings, including how to place requests for materials (journal articles, chapters, books, and more), assign a deputy, move documents to sessions, learn about copyright, and other FAQ, to head start the new academic year.

Please rsvp with your interest and details by Monday, August 19th. 

Laptops are recommended for this hands-on workshop. In preparation be sure to check out the rhizr on Course Reserves and bring your questions.

Where: 104b Russell

New Student Orientation: Welcome Workshop 1, Wednesday, 8/28, 12-1pm

Wondering how to get help, find your course readings, identify key databases, request materials, reserve a room, attend a library-sponsored event, or access any number of our applications — mobile library, digital archive, official journal, blog, video discussion, platform for sharing educational content? Beyond stacks and study space, perhaps you didn’t realize the extent of what the Gottesman Libraries has to offer, or even know where to start…! 

Please join us for informative library orientation sessions to get acquainted with the broad range of valuable services and resources, onsite and online, as you embark on your studies and research at Teachers College! Welcome workshops are led by Senior Librarians, Allen Foresta and Jennifer Govan, who will present options and tools, with time for Q&A.

This offering is co-sponsored by the Office of Student Affairs. Interested students may rsvp with their details via online support for one of the following welcome workshops:

  • Wednesday, August 28,12-1pm
  • Wednesday, September 4, 12-1pm

Where: 305 & 306 Russell (concurrent sessions, both days)

Library Tours:

Welcome new and returning students! As Fall ushers in, we’ll take you throughout all floors, from the coziest corner in the stacks, to the loveliest gallery, so you can get a better feel for the Gottesman Libraries and find your way your way around Russell Hall. Not to be missed is the Big Bear in the Zen Rock Garden — home to many a student surrounded by award-winning children’s books! We’re eager to see you, delighted to answer your questions, and happy to share exciting news about upcoming events and offerings. 

  • Wednesday, August 28, 1pm
  • Thursday, August 29, 3pm
  • Friday, August 30, 11am

Open to members and affiliated members of Teachers College, all tours meet at the First Floor Library Services Desk, and last approximately 45 minutes. 

Tours will continue through Thursday, September 11th, so be sure to check the September newsletter fir further details. If you’d like to join us at another time, please let us know and we will gladly make additional arrangements.

Staff Picks: Crossing Borders: Literature in Translation

"Spanning nine languages and twelve countries, Crossing Borders: Literature in Translation includes titles that range from a volume of French poetry first published in 1857, to a wildly acclaimed novel by a young, contemporary, Mexican author. With my background in literature and my interest in foreign culture and languages, I wanted to showcase an international theme that centers on a variety of fictional work in translation.

Many common threads connect these writers and their work, however I tried to incorporate as much diversity as possible in location, period and genre. Some have a historical and political background, touching on issues such as the Iranian Revolution or the Holocaust and the respective lingering effects on their epicenter and throughout the world. Other texts are renowned for their stylistic influences. Some are stories primarily geared toward entertainment value. Yet, all are in many ways a product of the context and culture they come from.

Today the world seems smaller and more accessible than ever, yet simultaneously a contentious and fragmented political climate continues to enact boundaries which undo this progress. My hope with this collection is to spread some cultural interest and insight through literature which highlights universal things that tie us together--art, the importance of community and the journey of self-discovery."

-- Curator's Statement

Clara Ruiz is a Library Services Associate who is currently doing a Masters in Library Science at Queens College.

Staff Picks is curated each month by the Gottesman Libraries' staff to highlight resources on educational topics and themes of special interest.

Live Music:

Want to play in Everett Cafe? If you'd like to showcase your talents, please contact us with details via online support. Solos, duets, trios are welcome, and we are looking for student volunteers, as well as TC alumni who wish to perform. Acoustical instruments are welcome, as well as variety of genres.

News Displays:

Need to keep current, look to the past, teach a topic? The Everett Cafe features daily postings of news from around the world, and also promotes awareness of historical events from an educational context. Be sure to check the news postings on Learning at the Library, where you can delve into history.

Remembering Frank Cyr, Monday, 8/1

The Purple Heart, Wednesday, 8/7

Prayer of Twenty Millions, Monday, 8/19

Hurricane Katrina Hits New Orleans, Thursday, 8/29

Everett Cafe News: Learning from Parks

Tying in with new student orientation and the Learning Theater’s "Walk through Multidimensional Space”, Learning From Parks explores the urban park as a metaphor for the acquisition of knowledge and importance of social infrastructure in this process. The display draws attention to the history, design, and politics of New York City parks, most notably, the iconic, almost completely man-made Central Park. With inspiration from Eric Klinenberg (Palaces for the People); Michael Graner (The Urban Park As An Educational Asset, TC thesis); and President John Fischer who proposed "school parks", massive new campuses to further desegregation, we offer an opportunity to reflect on the relationship between urban schools and parks to prompt creative and playful modes of teaching.

At the Everett News Cafe, you'll find a new book collection every few weeks that relates to current affairs, education, or learning environments.

Highlighted Databases: International and Comparative Education

In August we feature databases that support research and study in the field of International and Comparative Education, whose history at Teachers College dates back to the offering in 1899 by James Earl Russell of the course, "The Comparative Study of Education Systems", and the development of the International Institute of Education by Paul Monroe from the early 1920's. Read more on the library's news page.

Exhibit: Reflections, Tuesday, 6/4 - Saturday, 8/31

"Reflections” takes works from three art collections (Dow, Castellon and Ziegfeld), in the Gottesman Libraries archive, that have been selected for their connection and counterpoint to each other. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland, the recent film “Us”, and the principles of art therapy, “Reflections” was curated by members of the library staff to examine the art of the library in new ways.

The Students of Arthur Wesley Dow Collection comprises 300 collected works were created by Teachers College students studying under Professor Dow in the early 1900’s. Mostly paintings and prints, the works in the Collection clearly illustrate Dow’s theories and approach to art.

The Federico Castellon Memorial Print Collection comprises a collection of 78 prints donated to Teachers College by established printmakers throughout the United States under the aegis of the Society of American Graphic Artists.

The Ziegfeld Collection of International Children’s Art comprises about 350 paintings, drawings, prints and collages made by adolescents aged 10 to 18 from 32 countries across the world. The Collection was originated in the 1950’s by Dr. Edwin Ziegfeld (1905-1983), the creator of the arts and education program at Teachers College.

Where: Offit Gallery, Third Floor


To request disability-related accommodations contact OASID at, (212) 678-3689, or (646) 755-3144 video phone, as early as possible.

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