Everett Cafe News: On Nationalism Or the Next Stage of History: A New Book Display, through November

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Nationalism as a God must follow the tribal gods to limbo. Our true nationality is mankind. How far will modern men lay hold upon and identify themselves with this necessity and set themselves to revise their ideas, remake their institutions, and educate the com- ing generations to this final extension of citizenship? 

— HG Wells, Outline of History: Being a Plain History of Life and Mankind, Ch. 40, "The Next Stage of History"

From the Know Nothings to the Trump era, our country has grappled with the push and pull of Nationalism, a movement that raises complex issues by its tangled presentation of civic, cultural, ethnic, religious, and ideologic lines, typically self-defined and free from outside influence or interference.

With the resurgence of the term in recent years, we examine Nationalism from both an historical perspective and one impacted by Globalism. What does real loyalty and devotion to one's country mean; how we can best define our national consciousness; and can liberty -- minus power, prestige, and dislike of other countries -- still manifest in openness to other nations?

On display through November, On Nationalism or the Next Stage of History presents seminal works that look at different dimensions of this complex topic. Read more on Learning at the Library via the EdLab Blog.

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