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Gottesman Libraries now offers campus-wide access to Education Week, including its full archive, Teacher, Digital Directions, Market Brief, Top School Jobs, and blog channels. While the library offers access to Education Week’s print offerings through some of our online databases, the new subscription will allow for wider access to Education Week’s digital publishing. Publishing around 40 new articles online per day, the new subscription provides access to content without reading limits or restrictions. Since 1981, Education Week has served as a non-profit, independent news source for K-12 education. You can find Education Week with our E-Journals and Databases.

Check out some recent Education Week headlines:

Teaching in 2020 vs. 2010: A Look Back At The Decade by Madeline Will

“As the 2010s draw to a close, teachers are left reeling from massive shifts in policy and practice that have affected their everyday work over the past decade, yet many say they're still cautiously optimistic about the direction the profession is heading.”

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What Teachers Need to Learn about the Roots of Inequality by Jenny Muñez

“An explanation for why students of color fail is taking hold in schools across the country. The thinking goes like this: Students of color fail because they're not motivated enough. They're not well-behaved enough. They're not "gritty" enough. Parents are to blame, too. They're not involved enough. They don't care about education enough. Some don't understand English enough. If these students are to succeed, this narrative goes, parents and students will need to make some drastic changes. This popular thinking is flawed. During my first year as a bilingual elementary school teacher in San Antonio, I attended a professional development session that helped me understand why when a historian taught us about the city's long history of red-lining.”

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Why School Librarians Are The Literacy Leaders We Need by Ariel Sacks

“Earlier this year, I wrote a post about how teams of teachers can work together across subject areas to improve student reading. I received comments on the piece from two school librarians, pointing out that they have important contributions to make to the effort, and questioning why I had not included school librarians in my suggestions in the first place. Well, they are absolutely right about this, and their voices prompted my reflection on the topic.”

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N.Y. District Will Use Facial Recognition Software, Despite Big Privacy Concerns by Alyson Klein

“A New York school district has announced it will begin using controversial facial recognition software for school safety purposes, over the strenuous objections of civil liberties advocates. Beginning this month, the Lockport School District, near the Canadian border, will become one of the first school systems in the country to try out facial recognition software. The district will use Aegis software, created by a Canadian-based company, to alert district officials if someone on a flagged list of individuals showed up at one of the district's eight schools. The software can also detect ten different types of guns.”

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