September Newsletter: Education Program

Gottesman Libraries

The Gottesman Libraries Education Program informs students, faculty and staff about the latest thinking in education, in ways that engage members of the community with one another and with a broad range of educational experts. The program also provides understanding of work being done throughout the college.

Virtual Tours

Welcome to the Gottesman Libraries of Teachers College. Because of the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves at the start of the 2020-2021 academic year, this year’s virtual presentation focuses on services, resources, and events readily accessible online at a distance to all members of the Teachers College community. We are pleased to welcome you virtually, and we look forward to showing you (remotely) some very comfortable, congenial, and appealing physical spaces throughout three floors of the library, which is located on campus in Russell Hall. We’ll present the library’s top quality services, help you identify them, and encourage you to make optimal use of our extensive electronic offerings.


Please join us for any of the following sessions and rsvp with your details in advance of the session, so that we can follow up with an invitation to join us online.

Wednesday, 9/2, 4-4:45pm

Thursday, 9/3, 2-2:45pm

Friday, 9/4, 11-11:45am

Tuesday, 9/8, 10-10:45am

Wednesday, 9/9, 3-3:45pm

Thursday, 9/10, 12-12:45pm

Online Workshops

Regularly scheduled instructional offerings include workshops, tours, orientations, and course-specific instruction in coordination with staff and faculty of the College.

Research, A-Z, Monday, 9/14, 3-4pm

This workshop covers research basics -- prompting you to find the best information in the most effective way and also get to the full text of articles and other documents. We will cover search options and strategies, illuminating the usefulness of different approaches to research and information.

Please rsvp with details via online support and we'll follow up with a Zoom link prior to the session.

Introduction to Zotero, Thursday, 9/17, 3-4pm

Managing bibliographic references is key to the research process, especially as you embark on a major, paper, thesis, or dissertation, or even as you organize readings for class. This workshop introduces you to Zotero, "your personal research assistant" -- a citation management tool that allows you to collect, organize, cite, and share research. You can even tag and write notes for your citations!

Please rsvp with details via online support and we'll follow up with a Zoom link prior to the session.

What Kind of Researcher Are You?, Wednesday, 9/23, 3-4pm

Are you... a Googler ... Browser... Reserve Reader... Federated Searcher..? Maybe one or combination, depending on what you need, where you are, and your time on hand. This workshop explores different approaches to finding research and information. We will advise on search strategy, tools, and any questions you may as you begin your research.

Please rsvp with details via online support and we'll follow up with a Zoom link prior to the session.

Introduction to Mendeley, Wednesday, 9/30, 3-4pm

Like Zotero, Mendeley is a tool for managing citations, and it may well be your first choice of software. Please join us for this workshop and find out! With just a few clicks, you can You will learn to generate references, citations and bibliographies in a whole range of journal styles in this workshop.

Please rsvp with details via online support and we'll follow up with a Zoom link prior to the session.

Online News Displays

Need to keep current, look to the past, teach a topic? The Everett Cafe features daily postings of news from around the world, and also promotes awareness of historical events from an educational context. Be sure to check the Cafe News postings on the library blog.

Titanic Is Found, Tuesday, 9/1

International Literacy Day, Tuesday, 9/8

Constitution Day, Thursday, 9/17

Alma Thomas Is Born, Monday, 9/21

Highlighted Databases: Key Resources for Research

There are several key databases that are critical for searching the literature in essentially all subject fields at Teachers College. Please read more on the library's news page.

Online Book Displays

Everett Cafe: Remote Learning: Shifting to the New Normal

With the prevalence of distance education in today's pandemic world, Remote Learning: Shifting to the New Normal, addresses the need for and challenges of virtual learning. As scientists struggle to create a vaccine, campus leaders carefully weigh decisions to protect the health of their communities, offering limited or staggered onsite classes, hybrid approaches, and/or fully online courses. Whichever path, COVID-19 is on the uptick, predictions are worsening, and distance education is becoming a prolonged reality. Educational institutions are fighting to adapt to changing economics in an unprecedented time, and students may be questioning the benefits of deferred enrollment or their continuation of remote education. From the politics of online learning, to the re-imagining of teaching, this display encourages us to consider a new paradigm and leads us to question the future of higher education.

Remote Learning is curated by Jennifer Govan and designed by Sabarish Raghupathy.


At the Everett News Cafe, you'll find a new book collection every few weeks that relates to current affairs, education, or learning environments.

Staff Picks: Education and Race

"America has a social mobility problem. The Supreme Court declared racial segregation to be unconstitutional. With this declaration it was assumed that integration and racial equity could finally be achieved, and that education could, in fact, be the great equalizer in America. In actuality, this is what arose: nearly every path of social mobility, including education, work opportunities, and government spending, is tilted still toward a wealthy, mostly White elite group of people.The importance placed on education to better one's social standing has been indoctrinated into the American people's mindset; however, if the quality of education is not the same, how are equality and mobility to occur when minorities are disadvantaged from the start? 

Education for minority students has become a main consideration in terms of curriculums, schools districts, and educational settings. New measures are constantly being tested to meet the educational needs of students. However, a majority of students entering the teaching profession are white and female, thus complicating this objective. Factor in segregation of school districts and drastic funding differences. African Americans and other minorities are fighting a decades-long uphill battle.

This curated collection of titles focuses on education and race as a whole. Works vary, from a mother expressing her fears for her two black sons growing up in a world that has stereotyped them from birth, to inquiries into the dangers of outcome based funding, through to the role educators play in providing the tools for minorities to be on equal educational footing with their white counterparts. Selections also include personal stories and essays of those who lived through struggle, and hope to educate others about not facing the same hardships. The books in this collection and their themes are especially important in today’s society, where African Americans and minorities’ voices are finally being heard, not only with regard to injustices and inequality in education, but also in the workplace and various facets of life."

-- Annette Mims, Library Associate & Young Adult Librarian at Brooklyn Public Library


Staff Picks is curated each month by the Gottesman Libraries' staff to highlight resources on educational topics and themes of special interest.

Collaborative Drawing: Harlem Renaissance 100

Harlem Renaissance 100: Collaborative Drawing, is an app which highlights one classic artwork of the Harlem Renaissance each day. Come together at this online drawing platform and create something beautiful based on original paintings, prints, drawings, and other pieces by alumni of Teachers College and other leading artists of the Harlem Renaissance.

For related book displays visit Celebrating Harlem Renaissance 100.

Exhibit: Selections From the Mary Adelaide Nutting Collection

Welcome to an exhibition of selections from the Mary Adelaide Nutting Collection from Gottesman Libraries archive. 

This selection is being displayed in honor of a recent gift of two antique nursing caps belonging to TC alumni Dr. Rachel Louise McMannus to the collection by her family.

Teachers College was the first academic setting to offer Nursing Education, which began in 1899. Mary Adelaide Nutting was one of the founders of the National League of Nursing Education and of the original course for graduate nurses at Teachers College, Columbia University. 

In 1907, in recognition of Miss Nutting's outstanding ability as a leader and administrator in the field of nursing education, she was called from her position as director of the Johns Hopkins Hospital School of Nursing, in Baltimore, to be the first professorial chair of Nursing Education in Teachers College or any other university. The four volume History of Nursing written jointly by Miss Nutting and Miss Lavinia Dock is still considered the authoritative work on this subject. During the first World War, as chairman of the Nursing Committee appointed by President Woodrow Wilson, Miss Nutting left a brilliant record of swift and efficient organization to increase the supply of nurses and co-ordinate their services. In 1921, in recognition of Miss Nutting's conspicuous service to nursing education and public health, she was awarded an honorary Master of Arts degree by Yale University. In 1944, Nutting was awarded a medal in her name, presented by the National League of Nursing.

In the international field, she was active in the founding and work of the International Council of Nurses. She is honorary president of the Florence Nightingale International Foundation which, since 1934, has conducted a course in London for graduate nurses from all parts of the world. During her work and travels in aide of nursing education, Mary Adelaide Nutting amassed an extensive collection of nursing-related objects, artifacts and texts from around the world. She was particularly interested in memorabilia connected to Florence Nightingale, who pioneered modern nursing practices and education.

This collection reflects some of her most interesting treasures, housed here at the Gottesman Libraries Archive. Since so many of the objects are delicate, in addition to photographs, physical reproductions have been made for viewers to handle.

This exhibit also celebrates the Year of the Nurse / Midwife and the 200 anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale. Be sure to check out the interview with Kathleen O'Connell, Isabel Maitland Stewart Professor of Nursing Education at Teachers College, Columbia University.

Where: Offit Gallery


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