Ukraine: Tracking the Journey...

A New Everett Cafe Book Display

Ukraine_Logo.pngSince the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, 2022, approximately 3,500 civilians have been killed, though numbers are ​​likely much higher due to the difficulty in confirming reports. It is estimated that more than 14 million people out of a population of 44 million have been forced to leave their homes and families. While military and humanitarian aid pours into Ukraine, Russia continues to wage war in the besieged nation, despite severe economic sanctions and massive disapproval from the Western alliance. 

This book display explores the complex history of Ukraine, focusing on pre and post-Soviet influences, identity, and power, against the landscape of revolution, independence, and recent invasion by Russia. The works chosen touch upon Ukrainian intellectual thought, state building, artivism, contemporary culture, gender, and language – areas that inform the development and struggle of the second largest country, after Russia, and also the poorest one in Europe.

Inspired by the symbolism of the sunflower, the national flower, Ukraine: Tracking the Journey of the Sun Across the Sky encourages educational and restorative reflection on a courageous people who find light, no matter how weak, and keep their face to the sunshine, standing tall. A lesson in life is finding the sun in dark moments of history – and uniting in common purpose like a field of sunflowers whose shadows follow behind.

Ukraine: Tracking the Journey of the Sun Across the Sky is curated by Jennifer Govan, Library Director and Senior Librarian, in collaboration with Trisha Barton, Lead Designer.


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