July Staff Picks: Take a Closer Look: Reading with Cross Sections

Reading Room, Second Floor

Reading_with_Cross_Sections.JPG"I can vividly remember picking up a Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections DK publishing book as a kid and my eyes going wide. Huge splash pages, vibrant colors, incredibly detailed drawings, and familiar objects presented incompletely new ways. How could I not be captivated? Cross-sections, or cutaway diagram drawings that reveal the inner workings of objects, are not just reserved for architecture blueprints or medical journals!

In putting together this display I was pleasantly surprised that the sense of wonder these illustrations instill has not faded at all. I was also amazed at how the use of cross-sections is not confined to just non-fiction or books about cars and buildings. Cross-sections remain an engaging illustration device for Caldecott winning fiction, or historical picture books. I hope you also get a sense of curiosity and excitement from these intricate works of art and literature."

-- Will Bangs, Library Associate

Where: Second Floor Reading Room

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