August Newsletter: Education Program

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Ed Prpgram LogoThe Gottesman Libraries Education Program informs students, faculty and staff about the latest thinking in education, in ways that engage members of the community with one another and with a broad range of educational experts. The program also provides understanding of work being done throughout the College.

Read more below about offerings in August.


Regularly scheduled instructional offerings include workshops, tours, orientations, and course-specific instruction in coordination with staff and faculty of the College.

Database Demos, Wednesday, 8/10, 3-4pm

Database Demos covers searching and navigation of research resources by provider, such as EBSCO, Proquest, or JSTOR. This workshop offers insight into federated searching, allowing you to tailor your strategy, while it also demonstrates options for wider searching via EDUCAT+, CLIO, and Google Scholar. Come discover your preferences in finding books, articles, and more, with tips and tricks provided that are useful across platforms.

You may rsvp by Tuesday, August 9th with your interest and details, and we'll follow up with a Zoom link.

Where: Online

Grant Seeking Tools & Tips, Tuesday, 8/16, 3-4pm

With classes coming to a close, the end of summer is an excellent time to start planning your research project, travel grant, or course load. Grant Seeking Tools and Tips, specifically geared towards students, helps you gain useful advice on the grant seeking process and navigates you through the steps of searching important resources. Offering tips and strategies, we will focus on key databases available through the Foundation Center: The Foundation Directory and Foundation Grants to Individuals.

Please rsvp with your interest and details by June 26th, and we'll follow up with a Zoom link prior to the session.

Where: Online

Introduction to Course Resource Lists for Instructors, Wednesday, 8/17, 3-4pm

Course Resource Lists (powered by Ex Libris Leganto) is our new, permanent course reserves platform and collaborative tool for instructors and librarians to create and fulfill reading lists for degree-seeking students in courses taught each semester at Teachers College, Columbia University. Course Resource Lists are available to instructors of all active, credit-bearing courses and can be found on the left navigation menu of their courses in Canvas.

Please join us for the next session on August 17th held over Zoom, in which we will introduce our new platform and cover all you need to know to create a Course Resource List and make a course reserves request, in preparation for Fall 2022. Faculty, course assistants, and professional staff are all welcome to attend. 

This workshop is co-sponsored by the Digital Futures Institute. Interested persons may rsvp in advance and Zoom details will be shared. 

Where: Online


The Gottesman Libraries sponsors talks by leaders in education, psychology, and the applied health sciences to recognize and celebrate scholarly work of interest to the Teachers College community.

Sliding Doors: Reading Other People's Stories: An International Student's Experience Of Learning About Racism in the American Graduate Classroom, with Xiaoyi Wei, Tuesday, 8/2, 3-3:45pm

"This study originated from my personal experience. As an International student from China, I encountered disconnection/discomfort of being an outsider when I started my learning in American graduate classrooms, particularly when it comes to the learning/discussion on racism, whiteness, anti-blackness, ethnocentrism, and xenophobia. We decided to address the feeling of discomfort and disconnection by taking action, that is, to start a research project to investigate the experiences of international students from Asian countries."

Xiaoyi Wei is a former ESL Teacher (English as a Second Language Teacher) at Beijing Juren School. In 2020 she earned a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at Teachers College, Columbia University and is now a doctoral student pursuing an Ed.D at Teachers College.  She is also a mother, daughter, and storyteller. 

Please rsvp with your interest and details by Monday, August 1st.

Sliding Doors is a lively, pop-up set of talks given by and for members and affiliated members of the Teachers College community. The program consists of 10 one-time, community driven offerings that are open to faculty, students, and staff and conducted in a small, informal, impromptu setting; each session will last approximately 45 minutes, with 15 minutes devoted to open discussion and/or activity.

This program is event is co-sponsored by the Digital Futures Institute

Where: Learning Theater, 400 Russell

Live Music

The Everett Cafe Music Program sponsors performances by TC student and affiliated musicians. Come enjoy a variety of genres and styles! Please contact us if you are interested in playing! We welcome solos, duets, and trios.

Wadsworth Strings, Tuesday, 8/9, 4-5:30pm

Come join us for some summery classical music featuring three sets of instruments.The Wadsworth Strings Ensemble features music for classical strings, from the symphonies of Mozart and Haydn, to well known arias from the operas of Puccini and Bizet. You may hear a selection of continental Viennese waltzes and French cabaret. Musicians of The Claremont Strings Ensemble have performed collectively at Weill Hall, Carnegie Hall, Avery Fisher Hall and throughout the Northeast, playing a diverse range of symphonic and chamber music, eclectic jazz, and gypsy swing. Wadsworth Strings, emanating from the Washington Heights area, is a division of Claremont Strings, founded by Vivian Penham, a graduate of the Juilliard School and Columbia University.

News Displays

Need to keep current, look to the past, teach a topic? The Everett Cafe features daily postings of news from around the world, and also promotes awareness of historical events from an educational context. Be sure to check the Cafe News postings on the library blog.

Phoenix Is Launched, Thursday, 8/4

Largest T-Rex Is Discovered, Friday, August 12

Book Displays

Everett Cafe: Wanderlust

For some the act of travel is the draw: it's the voyage in itself, not the destination. For others, it's the actual destination and what one seeks to do -- the visiting or even temporary living there. A lonely planet Earth becomes much less so when we expand our horizons and move through the globe, or parts of it -- and a less estranged Earth moves us.

Our strong desire to travel leads to enriched understanding of ourselves, each other, and our world, however, whenever, and wherever we journey. Travel inspires writing, letting us to learn from the experiences of others, and become motivated to get out and explore, near or far. We can adventure through others' accounts, stories, diaries, travelogues, and/or take the next step by donning our boots, booking a ticket, and setting forth.

Wanderlust explores the history and intent of men and women in travel, often by foot, sometimes by camel, horse, boat, car, or train. It presents interesting and curious insight into travelers' shared experiences, particularly among women, and offers helpful tips on writing about our encounters or experiences. It includes select works of well-known explorers, past and present, from Marco Polo and Robert Louis Stevenson, to Ida Pfeiffer and Cheryl Strayed, in the hope that lazy summer days extend learning outside the classroom and inspire new adventures. 

This display is curated by Jennifer Govan, Library Director and Senior Librarian, in collaboration with Trisha Barton, Lead Designer.

Where: Everett Cafe

Staff Picks: Take a Closer Look: Reading with Cross-Sections

"I can vividly remember picking up a Star Wars Incredible Cross-Sections DK publishing book as a kid and my eyes going wide. Huge splash pages, vibrant colors, incredibly detailed drawings, and familiar objects presented incompletely new ways. How could I not be captivated? Cross-sections, or cutaway diagram drawings that reveal the inner workings of objects, are not just reserved for architecture blueprints or medical journals!

In putting together this display I was pleasantly surprised that the sense of wonder these illustrations instill has not faded at all. I was also amazed at how the use of cross-sections is not confined to just non-fiction or books about cars and buildings. Cross-sections remain an engaging illustration device for Caldecott winning fiction, or historical picture books. I hope you also get a sense of curiosity and excitement from these intricate works of art and literature."

-- Will Bangs, Library Associate

Staff Picks is curated and designed each month by the Gottesman Libraries' staff to highlight resources on educational topics and themes of special interest.

Where: Reading Room, Second Floor

Rocketship: New and Now: Award Winning Children's Literature

Looking for a new read? Integrating exciting titles into your lesson plans? Building a curriculum for today's young learners? Blast off with the latest and greatest! Books on our "Rocketship" shelves are all award-winning and honoree titles for children's, middle grade, and young adult readers to bring into your orbit.

Rocketship displays are curated by Rachel Altvater, Library Associate and recent MLIS with a specialization in School Librarianship.

Where: Reading Room, Second Floor

Featured Databases: Storytelling

Storytelling is an art form that dates back centuries, encompassing both oral and written traditions, and a well-told tale is usually one that reveals something relevant, significant, or universal to the human experience. In today's world digital storytelling can take many forms: verbal, auditory, visual, and kinesthetic, with common elements for success: a natural arc -- or beginning, middle, and end; a clear narrative voice, or voices; compelling characters working to resolve inner conflict; a structured storyline, or plot; and insightful theme or themes.

In August we highlight resources about storytelling or narratives - whether they are fairytale, folklore, fable, drama, fantasy, fiction, horror, or other in whatever modality -- and how they may be used for informational, educational, or entertainment purposes. Read more on the library's news feed.


To request disability-related accommodations contact OASID at, (212) 678-3689, or (646) 755-3144 video phone, as early as possible.

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