Film Screening & Discussion: The End of Poverty? Tuesday, 9/21, 7-9pm

Tuesday, 9/21, 7-9pm

Join us for a screening and discussion with Matthew Stillman, co-producer of The End of Poverty? (Cinema Libre Studio, 2010). Made by Philippe Diaz and narrated by Martin Sheen, this stunning, provocative documentary questions our gross misuse of the Earth’s resources. The film features expert insights from Nobel Prize winners, acclaimed authors, university professors, government ministers, and the leaders of social movements on the history and impact of global poverty – a crisis that originated centuries ago, remains unsolved, and compounds the paradox of wealthy countries exploiting the weaknesses of poor, developing ones. With interviews, photo galleries, and much more from the slums of Africa to the barrios of Latin America, we examine the consequences of unchallenged policies and consider if and how we can put an end to global poverty within our current economic system. Matthew Stillman conceived of The End of Poverty? and wrote its first treatment before turning the project over to Cinema Libre. Spurred by his passion for social justice and his knowledge of economics and politics, this film is his biggest step so far in "making the world better." While continuing his work around social justice and progressive taxation and supporting this film, he is launching a creativity consulting practice and a comedic satire of TED talks. This event is co-sponsored by the African Studies Working Group and Gottesman Libraries. Where: 305 Russell

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